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Listed Below is Wilkris Company's line of products. Please click on a link for more information about a specific product.


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A Portable Hydrostatic Level gauge that records level, temperature, time, date, serial, and model of every reading and stores readings in a database for further statistical analysis.

Precision Hydrostatic Fluid Fill Top-Off System

A Precision Hydrostatic Level Sensing Device that also fills to a specified level.

Analog Output Hydrostatic Fluid Level Gauge

A Precision Hydrostatic Level Gauge which provides a variable voltage output.

Calibration Fixture for Fluid Level & Temperature

A Fixture designed specifically for Wilkris Company fluid level gauge calibration.
Temperature Sensing Fluid Level Probe

A customizable probe for all applications.
Tote Lock

A fixture designed for clean exchanges between industrial liquid totes.

Mastering Fixture

This unit is designed for everyday use as a mastering fixture to verify level and temperature calibration.