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1. Portable
2.Visual display of fluid levels
3. Scans product barcodes
4. Programmable limits
5. Multiple model look up tables
6. Multiple fluid look up tables
7. Multiple record storage
8. Exports data to spreadsheets
9. Creates fluid level expansion curves for automatic transmissions


Click the following link to see an online Flash demonstration of the Digistick®:

Flash Demonstration


What is the Digistick®?

The Digistick® is a digital dipstick. Just like the one in a car’s engine or transmission, except that it is much more sophisticated. The following are a few of the unique qualities of the Digistick®:

1. Operates on an internal 12 Volt battery or an external power source.
2. It uses Wilkris Company's patented hydrostatic technology.
3. It is immune to foam, splash, and turbulence.
4. It can be used while machinery is running or during a filling operation.
5. It is quite accurate, typically +/- 1 mm, application dependent.
6. The Digistick® comes in two ranges: 0-100 mm & 0-300mm.
7. Fluid temperature can be measured simultaneously.
8. Fluid can be compensated for thermal expansion.
9. Product fluid levels can be normalized for their thermal expansion curves.
10. Stored data can be exported.

The Digistick® can measure just about any fluid level and/or temperature and display the results. It will then store the results of a measurement in a database along with a time and date stamp and record other data such as a serial number, lot number, or VIN number. The Digistick® is a Windows based system and therefore can interface with current technology easily through one of it’s two communications ports.


Creating Custom Fluid Level Expansion Curves

The Digistick® can be used to create fluid level expansion curves for automatic transmissions. The Digistick® can measure level and temperature either while driving a vehicle on the road or in a test stand environment. The Digistick® can be configured to take multiple recordings of temperature, level, and time. That information can then be exported and charted in a spreadsheet program which makes the creation and verification of a transmission fluid level expansion curve very easy.


Digistick's® Uses

The Digistick® is not limited to the Automotive Industry. The product can be used to measure any type of fluid. If a customer needs to audit the level of wine in aging casks or check the level of salad dressing in 55-gallon drums, the Digistick® can perform the job.


Digistick ® fluid level technology has been applied to the following processes:

1. Barrel Filling
2. Axle Filling
3. Axle Auditing
4. Transmission Filling
5. Transmission Auditing
6 Bottle Filling

Custom Probe Design

Wilkris Company knows from years of experience that there are no two similar applications of the Digistick®. Wilkris has a team of engineers dedicated to designing the perfect probe for specific applications. The Wilkris probe is flexible enough to snake through just about any hole, or can be preformed to get in the exact location needed. Wilkris Company has experience in making probes for difficult applications including engines; transmissions; axles; and fuel tanks.

If temperature is an important aspect of an application, Wilkris Company also produces temperature-sensing probes so a current temperature reading can be taken with every level reading.

Purge systems are also available to keep gauges contaminate free.


Screen Shots From the Digistick®

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Main View

Record List

Models View

Custom Set Point Entry

Wilkris Company quotes prices on a written "Request for Quote" basis after an engineer has reviewed a potential client's application.

There are four easy ways of contacting Wilkris Company:

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