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Mastering Fixture
Fluid Level and Temperature


Temperature Fixture Specifications

Gauge type: Liquid calibration bath.
Metric temperature display: Digital LCD 4 digit and sign.
Power requirements: Single alkaline AA (2 years).
Operating temperature range: -40 to 120 deg. F.
Working temperature range: -40 to 120 deg. F.
Accuracy: +/- 1.00 Deg. F.


Level Fixture Specifications

Sight gauge: Graduated cylinder.
Range in fluid: 0-130 mm (5.1”).
Graduations: 2 mm (0.079”).
Total Weight: Two Kilos (4 Lbs.).
Size: 102mm diameter by 432mm height ( 4”Dia. X 17”H).


Items Included with Gauge

Operators manuals
Battery with temperature display



Calibration of Wilkris fluid level gauges.
Calibration of Wilkris fluid fill heads.
Calibration of level/temperature audit probes.



Custom Go/No-Go calibration fixtures for deeper immersion working depths
Gauge R & R studies
Custom probe holders
Certification of calibration maintenance contracts
Consulting services


Please Note

This unit is designed for everyday use as a mastering fixture to verify level and temperature calibration. It is not designed to set calibration. For in plant gauge re-calibration please specify a Wilkris Calibration Fixture Model 30416.


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