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Analog Output Hydrostatic Fluid Level Gauge


Key Benefits

Solves hardy perennial fluid control problems
Improves quality control and productivity
Reduces rejections and rework



Gauge Type: Hydrostatic, Self-contained
Output: 4-20 mA into a 250 ohm load
Power: 24 VDC 1.2 A Clean
Range in Fluid: 0-100 mm (4")
Response Time: 2-4 Seconds Settling, Then Real Time
Weight: 3.4 Kilos (7.5 lbs.)
NEMA 1 Enclosure: 305mm X 210mm X 108mm
Size: (12" X 8.25" X 4.25")
Interface Plug: Amphenol 973100A24-59 (16 pin)
Operation: Continuous
Probe Tube: Specify at Time of Order
Connecting Tubing: 6.4mm O.D. X 3.2mm I.D. up to 30 Meters Long,
1/4" O.D. X 1/8" I.D. up to 100 Feet Long


Items Included With Gauge

Operator's Manual
Fault Monitoring: 24 VDC 20mA Output
Contamination Detection: 24 VDC 20mA Output
Warranty: 1 Year (see Form 3 Rev. 6/12/99)


Probe Tube Design Services
Application Engineering Services
Integration with Fill Operations
Level & Temperature Sensing Probes Calibration Fixtures
Maintenance Contracts
Gauge R & R Studies
NEMA 12 Enclosure



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