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Calibration Fixture for Fluid Level and Temperature


Key Benefits

Solves hardy perennial fluid control problems
Improves quality control and productivity
Reduces rejections and rework


Temperature Fixture Specifications

Gauge Type: Liquid Calibration Bath
Temp. Display: Digital LED Metric 4 Digit and Sign
Temp. Control: Digital LED Metric 4 Digit and Sign
Operating Temp. Range: -40 to 120 Deg. C
Working Temp. Range: Ambient +5 Deg. C to 120 Deg. C
Temp. Stability: +/- 0.01 Deg. C
Set Point Accuracy: +/- 1.0 Deg. C
Sensing Range in Fluid: 0-130mm (5.1")
Power Requirements: 120 VAC 1 Phase 10 amps. 60 Hz.
Heater & Density: 1000 Watt, 7.6 W/cm2
Pump Flow & Pressure: 10 L/min @ 145 mbar


Level Fixture Specifications

Gauge Type: Digital Self-contained Electronic
Range in Fluid: 0-30mm (5.1")
Resolution: +/- 0.01mm (0.0005")
Power: Self-contained Battery 2000 Hours
Display: LCD 3/8" 6 Digit and Sign Inch/Metric
Total Weight: 14 Kilos (31 lbs.)
Size: 508mm W X 305mm D X 508mm H (20" W X 12" D X 20" H)


Items Included with Gauge

Operator's Manuals
One Short Probe Holder



Calibration of Wilkris Fluid Level Gauges
Calibration of Wilkris Fluid Fill Heads
Calibration of Level/Temp. Audit Probes



Custom Go No-Go Calibration Fixtures
Gage R & R Studies
Certification of Calibration
Consulting Services
Deeper Immersion Working Depths
Flow Coolers
Refrigerated Bath
Maintenance Contracts
Custom Probe Holder


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