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Fluid Fill and Top Off System

Fluid Fill sytem



Level Sensing Fluid Fill Head


Key Benefits:

1. Solves hardy perennial fluid control problems
2. Improves quality control and productivity
3. Reduces rejections and rework


State of the Art Features:

1. Fast response time
2. Turbulence, splash, and foam immune
3. Does not use conventional vacuum differential pressure for level sensing
4. Product identification and verification through bar-coding
5. Positive stop recognition
6. GM Power Train approved
7. Closed loop level sensing



1 Gauges and corrects overfills
2. Fluid temperature sensing with closed loop control
3. Pre-heated fluid capable
4. Calibration fixtures
5. Dip tube design services
6. Service contracts


Wilkris Company quotes prices on a written "Request for Quote" basis after an engineer has reviewed a potential client's application.

There are four easy ways of contacting Wilkris Company:

1. E-mail a request for quotation: quotation@wilkris.com
2. Call Wilkris Company: 513.271.9344
3. Fax a request for quotation: 513.271.5995
4. Mail a request for quotation:
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