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What does a Wilkris fluid level gauge do that other liquid level systems can not?

1. Wilkris Company offers a means of error proofing products concerning fluids. Until the Wilkris gauge, there has not been a reliable and easy way to verify the fluid filling operation. In most cases the Wilkris gauge can be directly integrated with an existing filling operation, and is then used to verify that the fluid being pumped to a product and measured by flow meters has actually arrived and filled the product to a specified level. This level can then be recorded against the product's serial number for warranty purposes.

2. Wilkris Company fluid level gauges accurately measure fluid level while it is in a dynamic state. This means fluid levels can be measured while a product is running, while it is being filled, or while both running and being filled.

3. One may ask how level can be measured while the product is running and/or being filled. This can be done because the Wilkris gauge is a hydrostatic gauge and is immune to
foam, splash, and turbulence.

Foam, splash, and turbulence, destroy the accuracy of most other means of level sensing including ultrasonic, radar, optical, radiation, capacitance, inductance, resistance, and float based systems, but not accuracy of the Wilkris gauge. Wilkris Company can demonstrate this and has documentation from customers that will attest to this fact.

4. The Wilkris gauge precisely measures fluid level to +/- 0.40 mm, 1/64" or 0.0156" in most cases. This would include automotive fluids such as: automatic transmission fluid; engine oil; differential lube; power steering oil; engine coolant; brake fluid; windshield wiper fluid; and battery acid. The Wilkris gauge is the most accurate gauge available on the market.

5. Gauge reliability and repeatability (R&R) studies are available and can be performed with any application. They will be structured to comply with QS 9000 certification and will be National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable. The ability to be traced to a known standard sets the Wilkris gauge apart.

What is the sensing range of the level gauge?

Wilkris fluid level gauges come in three standard ranges for sensing oil level.

0-150 mm
0-300 mm
0-450 mm

These ranges are fluid specific and will vary with the fluid. Other ranges are available on a special order basis.

How fast is the gauge?

The gauge is very fast, two to four seconds full scale and then real time. In other words, once the probe is in the fluid, the gauge will give a 90 to 99 percent level reading in two to four seconds. After that it will give a 100% level reading full or real time depending on desired scan rates.

What needs to be purchased to make the gauge work with a product?

Three components are required:

1. A Wilkris fluid level gauge
2. A sensing probe
3. A calibration / mastering fixture

Can the gauge be used with any product?

The Wilkris level probe is quite small and very flexible. A typical probe is 1/8" to 1/4" outside diameter and can be as long as needed, 60 inches or more if necessary. In most applications the Wilkris probe resembles the existing dipstick used with the product. The gauge is then located 10-30 feet away in a panel where it is out of the way of the manufacturing environment. The gauge can be configured to work with almost any computer or industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) or by itself with a display.

Can the Wilkris gauge be used with existing automated systems?

Wilkris Company encourages customers to integrate the gauge with existing audit or filling systems. The gauge is designed for this type of application.

How reliable is this gauge?

The Wilkris gauge is extremely reliable. There are units running in automotive factories that have been in place for over four years. These units have had minimum maintenance and are still functioning correctly. In addition, Wilkris Company runs durability tests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Wilkris Company is constantly testing level sensing gauges for reliability and durability under factory conditions. Wilkris Company tests fluids that are most likely to be encountered in an industrial environment.

How much does the gauge cost?

Wilkris Company quotes prices on a written "Request for Quote" basis after an engineer has reviewed a potential client's application.

How can Wilkris Company be contacted?

There are four easy ways of contacting Wilkris Company:

1. E-mail a request for quotation: quotation@wilkris.com
2. Call Wilkris Company: 513.271.9344
3. FAX a request for quotation: 513.271.5995
4. Mail a request for quotation:
Wilkris Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 230
Terrace Park, OH 45174




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